A Sunday Update

It’s a beautiful overcast day, and I have finished reading The Book Thief.

As I sit here and wait for football to begin (Go Packers!), I felt the need to write a few words, and so here I am with an update post. And thank you to the sports announcer that just put a smile on my face by saying, “Give some love to the kickers!” My heart is heavy after finishing The Book Thief.

Here are some updates from me as we progress through our January. I’ve read three of my goal thirty books for 2017. Throne of Glass, P.S. I Like You, and The Book Thief. I plan to have the review up for The Book Thief on my regularly scheduled review day, Wednesday. I was going to save it for February as I thought it might take me a bit longer to read.

My classes have started back up, and I’m ramping back up with research and scholastic writing. I’m making myself read from my books nightly, even if it’s at the same time the kiddo does and even if it’s for 20 minutes. Don’t worry; you’ll still get book reviews as I have books I’ve read during 2016 and haven’t blogged and want to share with you.

I’m getting ready to journal my final thoughts on The Book Thief, and then I’ll start my review. I have read numerous life-changing books during 2016 and 2017; this is on that list as well. I’m also trying hard NOT to have a book hangover.

Because of The Book Thief, I have decided to start a new page here at The Creative Auditor. Soon you’ll find a page called “Must Read.” This page will host and be a reference point to the books that have impacted me and changed my life; those books that I feel every person must read. I’m working how I want to put the books on the page, and I’ve set a goal for it to be up at the end of the month.

And now, time to plan, write and watch some football. Have a beautiful Sunday, my friends!

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