About The Creative Auditor

Hello! I’m Jennifer, the auditor behind The Creative Auditor. I keep this blog as a place to share mainly book reviews, planning craftiness and tips, quotes I’m in love with, my coffee obsession, occasional other craftiness, and life.

I make my home in Kansas with my family, and it’s where I’ve lived my entire life. From the towns with dirt roads and now residing in the big city, I’ve been roaming Kansas from one state line to another.

Every Wednesday you’ll find a new book review along with month-in-review posts and other book topics. You’ll see an occasional planner and scrapbooking spread I’m sure. And maybe on occasion, we can have a coffee chat.

I hope you’ll find something┬áthat inspires you – a book, tip, or quote. Leave me a comment so we can connect over books, coffee, and life.

Please note (the fun stuff) – at this time, I do not have any sponsorships for my posts and all books are purchased by a family member or me. I will disclose the information should that ever not be the case. I’m not sure what the future will hold, but as of now, it’s all me.

Finally, should I ever voice any opinions that cover audit topic, those opinions are my own and do not represent any company I have worked for, currently work for, or will work for – nor do they represent any professional organization I have, do, or associated with in the future.

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