From My Reading Chair – Reorg

It’s time to review one of my business book reads!

I’m a true believer in Harvard Business Review articles – can you be a fangirl of the Harvard Business Review? Well, if you can be, that’s me! And that my reader fans, is how I found this book.

I have since forgotten the short article the authors wrote, but they referenced the book, and due to a recent job change, Reorg sounded like it would be helpful.

Reorg organizes the project into five stages and breaks down the stages with common pitfalls and then winning strategies to overcome¬†mistakes. They also provide a “sample” reorganization project – the story at the beginning they present with the pitfalls they’ll walk through in the chapter (along with a self-assessment quiz) and then at the end, that story is rewritten applying the winning strategies to illustrate the difference. It was evident to me at the start that I committed a reorganization sin by thinking reorgs were just big projects that involved layoffs, people shuffling, and big dreams. Several CEO interviews and templates are included at the end for you to use.

But where this was most valuable to me was how it tied to my work as an auditor. Audits can be a reorg – you look at the people, processes, and structure. While changes may not be at an enterprise level, you’ll deal with many of the human issues the book mentions. I even took away a new approach to try in my audit planning meetings.

Finally, I was a bit worried as the authors admit right away they are consultants that work on reorganizations; I was worried it would be very pro-consultant and “use them always.” Don’t worry; they are honest about where consultants can add to the problem, what to watch out for, and the best times to hire. They kept the bias out!

This book was extremely helpful; I learned about essential tips to assist in reorganizations and how my work is a part of their bigger picture on a more day-to-day basis.

I did give this book 5 out of 5 stars – this book will stay on the shelf, and I will use it again and again. And, on a side note, you will be supporting the Harvard Business Review Press with your purchase. Do NOT library this book – buy it! I also suggest that you read this book even if you are not in management (yet!). You’ll learn drivers for reorganizations and become more comfortable with the process.

Have I fangirled too much about this book? I don’t think so – this book was a good way to close out 2016 and gear me up for the new year!


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