From My Reading Chair – The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet

“I was pretty aghast. And you wouldn’t like me when I’m aghast.” – page 145

Being honest, that was the only quote I marked in this book! After reading The Book Thief, I was again in need of an easy read – I’m finding I have success in the young adult contemporary category when this happens. Luckily, I had The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet on hand.

Lizzie Bennet is Pride and Prejudice modernized. I picked this one over one of my favorite era reads (I was trying NOT to have a book hangover after Thief) as it also has a YouTube series that complements the book. So, this was my first interactive read. PS – looks like in September, Lydia gets to tell her tale via YouTube! I found myself reading along and enjoying the flow of the book; you don’t feel like you’re reading a diary. I have yet to make it through all of the YouTube videos as I didn’t want to get ahead of myself in the book and ruin the book for me. I am enjoying the videos and will continue watching them to the end, extending my enjoyment further.

I guess I better come clean now…I have not read Pride and Prejudice. Don’t kill me! I have read Sense and Sensibility and Emma, but not Pride and Prejudice – and I was a bit worried I’d get lost in this retelling. I didn’t, and am now even more excited to pick up the original. I’m hoping I can follow along better now and visualize with that time era. I know reading Emma years ago (in high school), I had some problems and got stuck, maybe this can be one of the classics I read for 2017!

I thought the struggles and scenarios were well written and updated to the times in a way that kept some of the charm Austen novels seem to have. My one struggle was that I did feel that the mom was a bit over the top and this could be a difficulty any modernization of the tale may encounter. The authors did their best, but there were times, Mom Bennet was a bit over-the-top. Other than that, an easy read (chapters are short, and it feels like you go through the book faster).

Lizzie Bennet is a solid three on a scale of five stars. If you are an Austen fan and like collecting her books and fandom, then I’d say add this to your collection. Or, if you are like me, buy it to have on hand to save you from the dreaded book hangover! Otherwise, this is more a library check-out over a purchase.

I hope January has been fantastic and your February even more so!

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