Reminiscing – February

This January, I think I finally had the “January Blues.” I don’t think I was alone if Instagram was any indicator. Pictures of re-dos and start-overs for February were abundant.

Personally, I’ve lacked motivation and have had personal struggles. I didn’t help myself with some of my books reads for the month. The Book Thief has weighed heavily on my heart. I still have thoughts about it daily.

This month, I had a feeling like I might break – that I finally wouldn’t be strong enough to handle everything. However, I reached out to a dear friend to ask for a girl’s weekend at her place (yes, I invited myself over). And after working on homework/professional development together, book shopping, too much wine, too much coffee, cookie dough, and Chris Evans, I feel more like myself than I have for a while.

Do I have chores to do – yes.

Should I work to get ahead in class – yes.

Should I get caught up on my reading – yes.

Are my planners behind – yes.

Do I care – no.

Because my heart feels warm again – I feel like I can accomplish my callings again.

I learned about myself this weekend; I practiced what I preach of putting yourself first. I forgot to do that, I was becoming too encompassed in the world’s wants of me and wasn’t listening to my callings and needed to hit the reset button. I’m okay with my priorities in life, and that’s what matters.

Happy Sunday dear friends!

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